(10/8/2012 - 1/29/2016)

Game Designer

  • Designed and built TouchFish tutorial using proprietary scripting tools
  • Designed, implemented, and balanced TouchFish economies and player progression, including over 1000 purchasable assets
  • Designed and balanced 90 levels for physics based and gesture matching mini-games
  • Worked with other designers to build prototypes in Unity
  • Created 10 story mission threads within TouchFish


(10/7/2009 - 10/7/2012)

Playstation Home Operations Specialist

  • Responsible for publishing content to PS Home, including front page trailers and other content
  • Composited advertisement posters, backgrounds, and thumbnail images for PS Home
  • Responsible for curating PS Home storefronts involving hundreds of additions per week
  • Helped internal and external developers set up PS Home virtual space storefronts and media feeds

Factor 5

(5/2008 - 12/2008)

Game Designer

  • Worked on an unannounced casual title for the Nintendo Wii, similar to Pilot Wings, using a proprietary toolset
  • Designed and implemented many different missions and mission types
  • Drove documentation for new mission types

Backbone Entertainment

(6/29/2007 - 9/24/2007)

Game Design Intern

  • Created and implemented a pickup plan for Death Jr. Root of Evil for Nintendo Wii
  • Designed two boss encounters for 1942 Joint Strike, Bodan and Bodan Epsilon, creating innovative weaponry that changed depending on the approach
  • Fixed bugs such as adjusting trigger volumes, moving platform sequence timing updates, and kill triggers


(6/2006 - 8/2008)

Game Tester

Pyxis Corporation

Installation Technician

  • Networked automated hospital supply stations ($500m project)
  • Took inventory on products to help transition the hospital to the new system
  • Maintained stations during transition


Kevin R. Reilly CCE

Technical Assistant

  • Medical gas systems certifications, performance testing, and CAD documentation tracing (multi-hospital)
  • Installed, tested, and repaired medical equipment systems (Hewlett Packard, Agilent, Phillips)
  • Fabricated/Installed electronic interface of audio medical alarms
  • Environmental waste gas/ventilation survey assistance/Miscellaneous duties as assigned (multi-hospital)


  • Unity 3D 4.5+
  • uSequencer in Unity
  • Playmaker Visual Scripting in Unity
  • Excel: Building player progression and economy models
  • Perforce: Used at Backbone Entertainment, Factor 5, and TouchFactor
  • Concept development using Photoshop & Illustrator
  • JIRA
  • Proficient with Maya for object placement
  • C/C++: I’ve taken a few programming courses through college
  • Crafting Board Games


Cogswell Polytechnical

Sunnyvale, CA

Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Arts Engineering

Graduated: May 2008

Penn State Behrend

Erie, PA

Associate of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology

Graduated: May 2004

Will provide contact info upon request

Chris Klie

Senior Game Designer – TouchFactor

Drew Langlois

Game Designer – Bethesda

Steve “Stone” Librande

Lead Game Designer – Riot

Glen McKnight

Game Designer – Other Ocean Interactive

Chuck McFadden

Exec. Producer – Intel Corporation

Seppo Helava

Design Head – Wonderspark

Danny Johnson

Game Designer – Choice Provisions

Paul Purdy